Learning Updates and Homework

Curriculum Overviews

Each half term we will share an overview of key planned learning. Please click on the half term below:

Click here for Autumn 1 Curriculum Overview - Marvellous Me

Click here for Autumn 2 Curriculum Overview

Sunflowers Curriculum Parent Map Spring 1 2022 Out of this World

Sunflowers Curriculum Parent Map Spring 2 In the Garden

Sunflowers Curriculum Parent Map Summer 1 Once Upon a Time

Sunflowers Curriculum Parent Map Summer 2 Journeys

Parent Support

We usually host 'Learning Alongside Workshops' throughout the year. The current circumstances make it hard for us to do this so to support we will publish key support documents and save them here.

Welcome PPT June 2021

Reception Curriculum Information for Parents Oct 2021

Learning Support Resources 

Welcome to Bug Club - Please note we use more than just Bug Club books in school and we do not use colour banding as our home reading scheme is more closely linked to Letters and Sounds. 

Pronunciation_guide_Autumn_2 (1)

Pronunciation_guide_Autumn_1 (2)

Homework from Sunflowers

Each half term we will send an overview of project based activities linked to our theme. 


Friday 27th May 2022

Friday 20th May 2022

Friday 13th May 2022

Friday 6th May 2022

Friday 29th April 2022

Reading at Home

Reading is incredibly important for all children, but especially important for children aged 5-7. At this age children are acquiring essential reading skills that will support them accessing the curriculum and flourishing in older year groups. We expect all our children to be read with by an adult at home at least 3 times a week, and we try to match this in school. It is incredibly important to us that we send home reading books that are engaging and linked to phonic ability. If you have any concerns about the book banding or difficulty of text please speak to us. 

Our home reading scheme is called Bug Club. All books are banded and children are moved on appropriately. All children have access to dozens of Bug Club ebooks and quizzes. The online resources are linked directly to the class teacher, so she can see exactly who has read what and any quiz results!

Number Fluency

We follow the mastery approach to maths. This means we want children to be able to represent, reason and manipulate numbers in a variety of different ways. Although counting is essential we no longer focus on progressing through to larger numbers so quickly. In order for children to be able to succeed in mathematics we need them to have a very secure understanding of the number system. We have purchased a mastery linked app called Numbots. All children have login details and should be encouraged to play these games regularly. The content of the games is carefully matched to calculation and representation models used in school; such as, the part whole approach and the bar model. Alphablocks on Cbeebies also follows the same ethos. 

Exceptional Homework

We are extremely proud and thankful for the interest our children show in learning at home. Below are some of the amazing pieces of homework our children have produced.

Theo B uisng his five senses when baking Jenson's name collage

Eli's painting of his favourite place (1) Molly's Marvellous Me family drawing