Welcome to Team Badgers

Our Year 3 class is called ‘Badgers’. We chose this name because a clan of badgers were known to be located in the field where the school was built. We think Year 3 is a vital year, where children develop more autonomy, independence and the confidence to explore their own interests and talents. 

Meet the Team

Class Teacher - Mrs Machin

Hello, I’m Mrs Machin and I am the Class Teacher in Team Badgers. I am also an Assistant Headteacher at Streethay and Leader of Education. Team Badgers is where the fun is at! My favourite books are the Harry Potter series and I hope we can share them together. Away from school, I love watching the Formula One motor racing. 

Teaching Assistant - Mrs McGann

Hello, I’m Mrs McGann! I am a Teaching assistant in Team Badgers. I have studied Media and I am very keen to promote drama opportunities at Streethay. One of my key roles at Streethay is to look after the library. I really love reading and want all of the children at Streethay to have great reading experiences.

Our Approach to Learning

Year 3 is a year in school, where children really start to grow-up and become much more independent, as they transition from Key Stage 1 into Key Stage 2. In Team Badgers, it will be so important to us all to develop our independence, our resilience and our own ideas and interests within learning, to become the best we can possibly be.

In Key Stage 2, the curriculum consists of three core subjects and a variety of foundation subjects, some of which will be new to the children as they move from KS1.  During Year 3 we will develop our knowledge, skills and understanding in each of these subject areas, adding to the building blocks of learning already in place. 

Core subjects: Maths, English Science

Foundation Subjects: History, Geography, Art and Design, Design and Technology, Modern Foreign Languages, Computing, Music, PSHE, RE and PE.

It will be important for children in Team Badgers to be really secure in basic key skills: maths fluency, multiplication tables and using our phonics knowledge to spell. Practising these at home, will be key and support children’s learning to allow easier application in our daily learning.

Knowing how to be a successful learner will be key to tackling the challenges we will face in KS2. Developing our Streethay character traits throughout the year will be key to our success:  resilience, curiosity, optimism, craftsmanship, empathy and eloquence.

Our classroom environment will continue to reflect the calm and nurturing experience, the children have had so far at Streethay, keeping the classroom minimal, homely and inspiring place for children to learn and grow.

The team will get to experience some new opportunities, such as; learning to play the Ukulele and speaking in French. 

In Team Badgers, we endeavour to develop good relationships between school and home, through shared dialogue and regular communication. We want you to feel involved in your child’s education and be part of our successful team. Go Team Badgers!

If you are a parent and have any questions or queries relating to your child’s learning, you are always most welcome to speak to Mrs Machin in person, through an arranged appointment via the office, or via email on info@streethay.shaw-education.org.uk . Please note we will only use Tapestry in the event of a school closure and therefore it is best to speak to us in person or contact the school office if you have a question. 

We look forward to an awesome year!