Welcome to Team Meadow

Our Year 2 class is called ‘Meadow’. In any meadow, each individual blade of grass is important, but the meadow itself is a combination of all of those blades working together. Each individual child in our class is unique and important, but we can achieve so much more when we collaborate and learn together. Just like a meadow, our classroom is a calm, beautiful and safe place for your children to feel nurtured, inspired and prepared. 

Meet the Team

Class Teacher - Miss Johnson 


Hello, I’m Miss Johnson and I am so excited to meet you all! I have been a teacher for nine years and I have lots of fun lessons planned for you all. My favourite thing to do is read. I have lots of favourite books and authors, it is sometimes hard to choose! Beegu by Alexis Deacon is one of my favourite books because the vocabulary and illustrations are beautiful! I am interested in finding out about our wonderful planet and preserving it through different projects. I am also the English leader at Streethay. 

Teaching Assistant - Mrs Wilson

Hi, I am Mrs Wilson. I am the Teaching Assistant in Team Meadow. I am really excited about the learning and fun we are going to have this year. I really enjoy creating artworks and exciting science investigations. My favourite author is Roald Dahl and I can't wait to share some of his stories with you. 

Our Approach 

Year Two is an important and exciting year in school, as children complete the first key stage of their education. In Meadow class this year we want every child to feel nurtured, inspired, and prepared for what comes next. As learning becomes more challenging, this is an exciting opportunity for children to expand their understanding, develop their resilience, and ignite their love of learning.

The KS1 National Curriculum is made up of three core subjects, and seven foundation subjects. During Year 2, children will develop their knowledge, skills, and understanding of each of these subjects. Building on what they have learnt in school already; and working towards the end of Key Stage One expectations. These expectations will be shared and discussed with you throughout the year.

Core Subjects: English, Maths, Science.

Foundation Subjects: Art & Design, Computing, Design & Technology, Geography, History, Music, Physical Education

As well as learning the content of The National Curriculum, we want the children in Meadow to learn the attributes of a successful learner. We will work to develop the children's growth mindset, using a learning powered approach. Through this approach, children will develop important learning attributes such as: curiosity, reflection, collaboration, and resilience.

Our classroom environment is very calm, inviting and interactive. Within the environment we will ensure children have access to high level vocabulary and prompts to support recall of knowledge. We continue the calm and neutral theme that the children have experienced so far at Streethay. Outdoor learning will be promoted and natural materials in the classroom will help the children to feel connected to nature.

We value the whole child at Streethay, and in Meadow Class. The children will have a lot of dedicated time engaging in exciting enrichment activities this year, which will help to develop them beyond their academic achievements. Positive partnership with parents is so valuable and we want you to be involved in your children's learning, and for us to work together towards their educational goals. Please follow our schools’ Twitter page to keep up to date with what is happening in class.

Our Year

In the first few weeks of school, lots of time will be dedicated to getting to know the children in Meadow. These positive professional relationships will be key to the success of our class, as we learn and have fun together this year.

Throughout the year, children in Meadow will be supported through our curriculum and strive towards the end of Key Stage One expectations. In our classroom we ensure that all children are individually challenged by learning, and that each of them is encouraged to reach their potential. Effective assessment practices will drive our learning, ensuring that all children are challenged, and making good progress from their starting points. In Meadow, regular low-stakes tests will help us to track this progress and help the children to build confidence and resilience. At the end of the Year, children in Team Meadow will sit end of key stage national tests. We will communicate details about what these are and how we will approach them as a school, throughout the year.

As the year progresses, we hope to keep working closely with parents to ensure that next steps and achievements are shared through dialogues, in Learning Alongside Sessions, and at Parent Consultation Evenings. We want you to feel involved in your child’s education at Streethay, and to work together with you to help them thrive.

If you are a parent and you have any questions relating to your child's learning or you are concerned about anything at all please hang back and speak to Miss Johnson at the door. If you prefer you can make an appointment to see Miss Johnson through the school office. Alternatively, you can email the school office on: info@streethay.shaw-education.org.uk all messages will be passed to the Class Teacher.

Please note we will only use Tapestry in the event of a school closure and therefore it is best to speak to us in person or contact the school office.