Board of Trustees

The Shaw Education Board is the overall governing body of the Trust and all its Academies. It is charged with the strategic direction of the Trust and is responsible to the Secretary of State for Education for executing its statutory duties. Trustees of the SET boards functions are:

  • setting annual performance targets
  • determining all statutory and other policies
  • ensuring that curriculum requirements are met
  • setting the budget for the Trust and each academy
  • being the employer of all staff
  • being the ultimate body of appeal within the Trust
  • agreeing all major building work with the Education and Skills Funding Agency (ESFA).

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Streethay Academy Council

The Academy Council (AC) is a sub-committee of the Shaw Education Trust Board of Directors. It is accountable to the Board of Directors and is its local presence. It may include representatives from such groups as the school community, the local community and other local organisations and businesses as appropriate.

The main functions of the AC are:

  • supporting SET’s plans for the school as set out in the SPD, SEF and annual budget
  • providing understanding of the local context and the challenge that the local environment presents
  • acting as a sounding board for senior leaders, especially the Principal or Head Teacher
  • providing regular monitoring of health and safety matters, safeguarding provision, the welfare of looked after children, and provision for children with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities
  • providing hearing panels for pupil behaviour matters
  • building and maintaining positive local perceptions of the school
  • building and maintaining relationships with the local and regional business community
  • building and maintaining relationships with community partners (e.g. health services, police, social services)
  • undertaking local fundraising
  • the Chair of AC assisting in the recruitment process for Head Teachers and Principals

Our Academy Council

Stuart Taylor - Headteacher

Ben Harrop - Community Co-opted - Chair of Academy Council 

Phillip Greenfield - Parent Councillor - SEND & RSE

Sonia Hawley - Premiums

Lynsey Turton - Parent Councillor - Vice Chair of Academy Council

Cathy Lomas - Community co-opted - Safeguarding

Amy Jennings - Support Staff Councillor

Charlotte Thornewill - Staff Councillor 

Academy Council Support

Katie Platt - Clerk (Entrust) 

Joanne Knowles- Shaw Education Trust Link - Primary Director 


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