Image of Installation Art in Team Starlings!
14 June 2024

Installation Art in Team Starlings!

This week in Team Starlings, we have created our very own 'Installation Art!' We have taken cardboard boxes and use techniques such as throwing, shaking, splashing, and flicking different materials around to create an 'explosion' effect inside our boxes. We have then photographed them to give the…

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Image of Walsall Art Gallery Trip
16 April 2024

Walsall Art Gallery Trip

Team Meadow's visit to Walsall Art Gallery. We had such a lovely day!

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Image of EAD in Daisies
12 April 2024

EAD in Daisies

The children have been exploring different shapes, colours and patterns on our interactive whiteboard. 


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Image of PSHE and Art in Hedgehogs
20 March 2024

PSHE and Art in Hedgehogs

In PSHE this week we explored group dynamics. We understood that there are people who take on roles of leaders or followers in a group and when is the appropriate time to take on these roles. We then applied this knowledge of group dynamics in our art lesson where we created prints as a…

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Image of Sunflowers EAD
20 March 2024

Sunflowers EAD

Sunflowers have been learning about an Artist Paul Smith. We have looked at his clay sculptures and discussed what we like. We have then designed and created our own rocket clay Sculptures.

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Image of Daffodils Junk Modelling
1 March 2024

Daffodils Junk Modelling

This week, we have brought back our junk modelling table. The children have explored the different materials and constructed 3D models. We've had rocket ships, airplanes, musical instruments and so much more! 

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Image of Art in Hedgehogs
20 February 2024

Art in Hedgehogs

This week in our art session we have been exploring how to draw using tone to create a 3D effect. We have been taking the time to choose which sketching pencils to use to create shadows.

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Image of Sunflowers EAD - I can use different forms of paint
17 January 2024

Sunflowers EAD - I can use different forms of paint

Sunflowers have explored using different forms of paint. We used water to paint various items. We had a dog, a ,monster and we wrote our names.

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Image of Felt Making in Meadow
22 December 2023

Felt Making in Meadow


We had so much fun creating our felt in Art this term.

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Image of Daisies Painting
14 December 2023

Daisies Painting

Children creating their own pictures, linking to the idea of EAD. 


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Image of Art in Hedgehogs
12 December 2023

Art in Hedgehogs

In art we have been exploring the work of William Morris who was an artist and designer in Victorian times. He believed that household items like furniture and textiles should be artworks, so that everyone could enjoy arts and crafts. We have also looked at what inspired William Morris' designs.…

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Image of Pen Portraits in Team Starlings
7 December 2023

Pen Portraits in Team Starlings

We have been creating some truly fabulous 'Pen Portraits' in Art this half term, considering the words that we would use to describe ourselves and working them into a self-portrait. First, we used a 'one-line' technique to draw ourselves, then traced over our drawings using a variety of…

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