Teamwork makes the dream work! The picture above was taken on the first day of the National COVID 19 lockdown. Brave. Resilient. Connected.

Below is a list of the every day heroes. Each one of these individuals make Streethay an awesome place to work and learn.  

Please note the level of safeguarding training for the current year is in brackets. This relates to training delivered by Staffordshire Safeguarding Board, Shaw Education Trust or HR Insight; level 1, level 2 or DSL. 


Leadership Team

  • Stuart Taylor, Headteacher, SENCO, DSL, Pupil Premium
  • Katie Machin, Assistant Headteacher, Leader of Education & Assessment, Mathematics Leader, DDSL
  • Jessica Johnson, English Leader
  • Charlotte Price, EYFS Leader, DDSL, Forest School Leader
  • Abi Cooper, SENCO and DDSL
  • Emma Harcombe, Operational Support Officer

Team Starlings Year 5

  • Miss Regan, Class Teacher (level 1) 
  • Mrs Gill, Teaching Assistant (level 1) 

Team Hedgehogs Year 4

  • Miss Haycox, Class Teacher ( Level1) 
  • Miss Badger, Teaching Assistant (level 1) 

Team Badgers Year 3

  • Mrs Machin, Class Teacher (DDSL)
  • Miss Cooper. Class Teacher (DDSL) 
  • Mrs McGann, Teaching Assistant (level 1) 

Team Meadow Year 2

  • Miss Cutler, Class Teacher (level 1) 
  • Mrs Wilson, Teaching Assistant (level 1) 

Team Rabbits Year 1

  • Miss Hems, Class Teacher (1evel 1) 
  • Mrs Phillips, Teaching Assistant (level 1) 
  • Miss Watson, Teaching Assistant (level 1)
  • Mrs McGlade, Teaching Assistant (level 1)

Team Sunflowers Reception

  • Mrs Price, Class Teacher (DSL Level 4)
  • Miss Wheeler, Teaching Assistant (level 1 & First Aider)

Nursery Team Daffodils and Team Daisies 

  • Mrs Pannell (level 1)

Team Daffodils 

  • Miss Wheeler, Teaching Assistant  (level 1 & First Aider)
  • Mrs Dale (level 1)

Team Daisies

  • Mrs Amy Jennings, Room Leader (level 2 & First Aider)
  • Miss Sinead Kyte, Teaching Assistant (level 1)
  • Miss Kayleigh Tabberer, Teaching Assistant (level 1 & First Aider)
  • Mrs Hayley McGill, Teaching Assistant (level 1 & First Aider)
  • Mrs Kerry Hunt, Teaching Assistant (level 1)
  • Mrs Grace Gilmore, Teaching Assistant (level 1 & First Aider)

Wraparound Care 

  • Miss Louise Bonehill, Wraparound Care Supervisor (DDSL & First Aider)
  • Mr Coupland, Teaching Assistant (level 1 & First Aider) 
  • Miss Kelly Lockley (level 1)

 Family Support 

  • Mrs Jordan Gilbert-Whitehead, Family Support Worker (DDSL) 

Operational Support Team 

  • Mrs Emma Harcombe, Operational Support Officer (level 1)
  • Mrs Emma Mole, Business Support Officer & Medical Coordinator (level 1)
  • Mr Graham Bermingham, Caretaker
  • Miss Lisa Swindale, Lunchtime Supervisor (level 1)
  • Mr Owen Coupland,  Lunchtime Supervisor (level 1 & First Aider)
  • Mrs Lynsey Turton, Lunchtime Supervisor (level 1)