As a growing school we believe we have a unique opportunity to craft a curriculum based on the needs of the children of today. We are authentic about what we do, we place the children in our care at the centre of our curriculum. As our school community grows each year, we review and further build on our curriculum offer, maximising opportunities and ensuring it is fit for purpose.

Our children come to us with a range of backgrounds and/or experiences, so we focus on ensuring our curriculum supports and challenges all. We make no assumptions, teaching the same core knowledge with a focus on vocabulary. We choose an approach that incorporates repetition and revisiting, this supports all learners to build knowledge on knowledge over time. Opportunities to work at greater depth, such as application are also integral to our curriculum.

Our curriculum is designed to deliver an education, that will equip our pupils with the knowledge and skills required to become independent and responsible citizens in an ever-changing society. As part of this it is important that our curriculum prepares our children for life outside of Lichfield.


At Streethay Primary School, our research-based, progressive curriculum is broad and balanced. We fully implement, personalise and enhance the Development Matters Framework in EYFS and the National Curriculum in KS1 and KS2. Below is a summary of our curriculum aims linked to our vision to Nurture, Inspire and Prepare every child.