Image of Daffodils Forest School Maths
7 March 2024

Daffodils Forest School Maths

This week, Team Daffodils have been learning about smallest, small, big and biggest. The children compared objects in Forest School and decided who had the biggest. 

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Image of Daffodils Junk Modelling
1 March 2024

Daffodils Junk Modelling

This week, we have brought back our junk modelling table. The children have explored the different materials and constructed 3D models. We've had rocket ships, airplanes, musical instruments and so much more! 

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Image of Tales ToolKit in Daffodils
23 February 2024

Tales ToolKit in Daffodils

This week, we have been exploring our new non-fiction text about doctors. We have turned our non-fiction text into a story. In our story, we have identified the characters, who are Doctor Mani and Toney. We have looked at where the story is set and what the problem and solution are. The children…

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Image of Daffodils - Counting Chicks
1 February 2024

Daffodils - Counting Chicks

We've had a very exciting week in Daffodils! On Monday some eggs arrived in Daffodils. The children counted 10 eggs. On Wednesday our eggs started to hatch. By the end of Wednesday, the children counted 5 chick and 5 eggs left to hatch. By Thursday morning, the children counted 9 chicks and 1 egg…

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Image of Daffodils Phonics Workshop
25 January 2024

Daffodils Phonics Workshop

This week, Daffodils' parents were invited to learn more about phonics. After our workshop, we returned to class for some playtime together. The children loved sharing their choosing with their parents.

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Image of Book Time with Daffodils
18 January 2024

Book Time with Daffodils

This week we've introduce 'Book Time' in Daffodils. Together, we've talked about how to take care of books and started looking at how to read stories before we can read words. The children have enjoyed getting cosy in the book corner and on the carpet with their books. 

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Image of Daffodils Forest School
10 January 2024

Daffodils Forest School

This week Daffodils class explored the forest school area. We had a great time picking daisies, waving long grass in the wind and breaking up the ice in the mud kitchen. We all remembered our kind hands and made sure that everyone was welcomed in our games. Daffodils have asked to go back to…

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Image of Daffodils Class Christmas Events
22 December 2023

Daffodils Class Christmas Events

Daffodils class loved their Rudolph Run last Friday - most managed to stay upright! They were very excited to meet Santa as well.

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Image of Literacy - Daffodils - Name writing
5 December 2023

Literacy - Daffodils - Name writing

This week, we are beginning to learn how to write our names. We are using our name cards to look at the shape of the letters in our names. Then, we are having a go at writing what we think our name looks like in our Christmas cards.


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Image of Daffodils - PD - Write Dance
2 December 2023

Daffodils - PD - Write Dance

This week, during Write Dance, the children have been using the ribbons to practise their gross motor skills (larger muscle movements). Firstly, we learnt to sing and dance along to the song 'The Rainbow'. Then, each group performed the song with ribbons to their friends and teachers. Here are…

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24 November 2023

Counting past 5 - Team Daffodils

This week in Maths, Team Daffodils have been reciting numbers past 5. We have been counting up to 10 and beyond in lots of different ways. Each morning we have been counting how many children are at school today. In provision, we have been making tower houses and counting how many blocks tall. We…

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Image of What makes us special? - Team Daffodils
19 November 2023

What makes us special? - Team Daffodils

Team Daffodils have been discussing what makes them special and unique. 
We shared the story 'Barry, the fish with fingers' and discussed what made Barry special. Barry is special because he is the only fish with fingers and he can use this uniqueness to do lots of cool things such as finger…

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