Image of Super Science in Badgers!
12 January 2024

Super Science in Badgers!

To finish our learning in our Forces and Magnets topic, children in Badgers completed some research about how magnets are used in our every day lives. Once they had completed research using a variety of sources, they presented their findings in their books, organised in their own…

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Image of Representing Streethay in Archery
15 December 2023

Representing Streethay in Archery

Some children from KS2 had the opportunity to attend an archery competition at Erasmus Darwin Academy where we were competing against other schools. Miss Haycox and Miss Badger were extremely proud of the children for demonstrating Streethay traits and values in how they approached the activity…

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Image of English - Fantasy Writing in Team Badgers
13 December 2023

English - Fantasy Writing in Team Badgers

This term, we have been focussing on the story Nen and the Lonely Fisherman. It's a story about a merman named Nen who was lonely and in search of a friend. He forms an unlikely friendship with a human named Ernest. Team Badgers have been looking at technical skills such as adding adverbs for time…

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Image of Quelle couleur est-ce? (Team Badgers)
13 December 2023

Quelle couleur est-ce? (Team Badgers)

Team Badgers are progressing well with their French! They have started to learn the French colours. We have also been using them at other times of the day to practise! Our favourite is, of course, the Streethay colour verte!

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Image of Geography in Team Badgers
5 December 2023

Geography in Team Badgers

In Geography, we have been learning about mountains. This week we have learnt about how mountains have been adapted by humans to live there and also fro tourists.  We have thought about why people choose to live or visit mountains.  We looked specifically at Zermatt (a town in the Swiss…

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Image of PSHE - Team Badgers
30 November 2023

PSHE - Team Badgers

This week in Team Badgers we have looked at witnessing bullying and what we can do about it.  We listened to a story about Mark who was being bullied by a girl in his class, who was then encouraging the rest of the class to join in. The story told us the impact this was having on Mark on both his…

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Image of Unbelievable Ukulele in Team Badgers
23 November 2023

Unbelievable Ukulele in Team Badgers

This week in our weekly ukulele lesson, children in Team Badgers were practising playing 3 different chords within the same song.  This is really tricky and the children had to remember where to place their fingers each time.

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Image of More Egyptian Art in Badgers
21 November 2023

More Egyptian Art in Badgers

This week in art, we have started to design our own Egyptian scrolls to give information about ourselves. We mind mapped lots of symbols and patterns from ancient Egyptian art and looked at how we could change them and adapt them to reflect our likes and interests.  We then investigated creating…

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Image of The 3 times table in Badgers
21 November 2023

The 3 times table in Badgers

In Badgers this week, we are learning to recall and use the three times table. We learnt about how we can use known facts from the three times table to calculate other three times table facts by adding groups of 3 or subtracting groups of 3. 

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Image of Egyptian Patterns Year 3
14 November 2023

Egyptian Patterns Year 3

In art this week, we have been looking at Egyptian art. We have focussed on identifying colours, themes, shapes and patterns from examples of ancient art.  We have created our own compositions in our art books, trying to experiment with what we have spotted.  We also tried to experiment with…

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Image of Introduction to types of forces
13 November 2023

Introduction to types of forces

Today children in Year 3 started to learn about different types of forces. We learnt about push, pull and twist forces.  We had a go at some challenges and identified which type of force we were using. We labelled these on diagrams also. 

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Image of Making Rainbow Tarts
5 November 2023

Making Rainbow Tarts

For the final cooking task of our Eating Seasonally topic, the children designed their own rainbow tart.  The tart could be fruit or vegetable based and had to include seasonal foods.  The children learnt all about the colours of different food and the benefits they have on our bodies. The…

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