Image of Learning About Nutrient Groups
20 October 2023

Learning About Nutrient Groups

This week in Science, we have been learning about the 7 nutrient groups. We have learnt what these 7 nutrient groups are and how they are beneficial for our bodies. We have also learnt about which foods fall into these groups. We now know why grown ups tell us to eat lots of fruit and vegetables,…

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Image of Making Seasonal Fruit Crumble
10 October 2023

Making Seasonal Fruit Crumble

In Design and Technology this week, we made seasonal fruit crumble. This was linked to our previous lesson on seasonal fruit and vegetables. During the lesson, we worked in small groups to weigh the different ingredients to make the crumble topping. We had to make sure we weighed the ingredients…

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Image of Ancient Egyptian Workshop
3 October 2023

Ancient Egyptian Workshop

As part of their Ancient Egyptian topic, children in Year 3 have taken part in an Egyptian workshop. During the day the children learnt lost of really interesting facts and information about the different rulers of Egypt, what Egyptians like to eat and how they worshipped different Gods. The…

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Image of Column Addition in Team Badgers
29 September 2023

Column Addition in Team Badgers

This week in maths, we have been learning to use formal written methods for addition.  We have been practising column addition, where we have to rename 10 ones to 1 ten, which can be quite tricky. We made sure we were secure with the concept of renaming by using concrete materials so that we could…

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Image of Making Japanese Fruit Skewers
20 September 2023

Making Japanese Fruit Skewers

This week, during their Design and Technology lessons, children in Badgers class have been learning about how climate affects fruit and vegetable growth. We have learnt that in the UK, the climate is often too cold for some fruit and vegetables to grow.  As part of this, the children made Japanese…

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