Image of Daffodils - Gradulation 2024
11 July 2024

Daffodils - Gradulation 2024

This week, Team Daffodils graduated from preschool and are now ready to start Reception. To showcase their skills, Team Daffodils performed their favourite super mover - Superheroes Unite. They did an awesome job of singing and dancing for some tearful parents. 

We are all incredibly proud of…

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Image of PSHE in Team Starlings
5 July 2024

PSHE in Team Starlings

In PSHE we have been looking at online communities and the rights and responsibilities that we have when using online spaces. We have enjoyed sharing ideas about how we can stay safe online, how we can use the internet to create positive change, and how we can safely and sensibly interact with…

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Image of Sunflowers PSED - I can manage my emotions
21 May 2024

Sunflowers PSED - I can manage my emotions

This week we have been developing our strategies to manage our emotions. We used our Red to Blue guidance develop turtling, finger breaths and rainbow breathing whilst listening to calming music. We then created friendship cards to give to all our friends in class. 


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Image of Saving Lives in Team Starlings- PSHE- Emergency Aid!
7 May 2024

Saving Lives in Team Starlings- PSHE- Emergency Aid!

In PSHE, we have been learning how to use the recovery position to help a person in an emergency situation. We carefully followed each step and had a go at putting our friends into the recovery position. This is a fantastic life skill and we are very proud of how sensibly Team Starlings approached…

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Image of Daffodils - PSED
3 May 2024

Daffodils - PSED

This week in Team Daffodils, we have been thinking about our friends and what they do that is kind. We've taken it in turns to share what we like about our friends. In our provision, we've been thinking about how to show we are good friends by sharing. 

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Image of PSED in Daisies
26 April 2024

PSED in Daisies

The children in Daisies have been developing our PSED throigh different activities such as circle time emotion sessions where we spoke about how we feel and what could happen to make these emotions occur. We also have been exploring the outdoor environment where we developed our take turning…

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Image of PSHE and Art in Hedgehogs
20 March 2024

PSHE and Art in Hedgehogs

In PSHE this week we explored group dynamics. We understood that there are people who take on roles of leaders or followers in a group and when is the appropriate time to take on these roles. We then applied this knowledge of group dynamics in our art lesson where we created prints as a…

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Image of Healthy Me PSHE
14 March 2024

Healthy Me PSHE

In PSHE we have been learning about how to be healthy and why. We discussed how we feel so much better about ourselves when we make healthy choices and look after our bodies.

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Image of Team Starlings- PSHE- Dream Jobs!
8 March 2024

Team Starlings- PSHE- Dream Jobs!

In Team Starlings this week, we have been thinking about our dream jobs and researching what we will need to do to get there! We have been researching skills, qualifications, requirements, and even salaries of our dream jobs. It has been very inspiring to hear about all of the amazing things Team…

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Image of Lichfield Cathedral
27 February 2024

Lichfield Cathedral

We have been to visit Lichfield Cathedral today. We loved learning about the building and having a look around. We have learnt lots of facts and we loved looking at the stain glass windows. We even got to sing our Easter song in the Cathedral!

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Image of PSHE in Hedgehogs
24 January 2024

PSHE in Hedgehogs

During our PSHE lesson this week, we have been discussing how we might feel in different scenarios when a hope or dream may not come true. We shared some lovely ideas and demonstrated showing resilience. 


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Image of Daffodils Forest School
10 January 2024

Daffodils Forest School

This week Daffodils class explored the forest school area. We had a great time picking daisies, waving long grass in the wind and breaking up the ice in the mud kitchen. We all remembered our kind hands and made sure that everyone was welcomed in our games. Daffodils have asked to go back to…

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